Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting the word out

(If this is your first time visiting Cady's Cause, click here to read about why this blog was created.)

Today Kelly forwarded a link to this blog to about 450 people. From family and friends who know all about Cady's Cause, to people she e-mailed once or twice for a business reason, the word got out to a wide variety of people. If you are one of those people stopping by because you received the e-mail or have seen links on facebook, to you we say thank you for coming to see what we are all about. We feel it is important to reach as many people as possible and even though we haven't solidified a date for Cady's fundraiser (we are *this* close), the more people who know about it and follow these blog posts, the better off we'll be when the time comes. Therefore, we ask all of you to keep spreading the word and ask those you tell to do the same. Donate your facebook status, tweet about it on Twitter, write a letter to your rich Uncle Lester - whatever it takes! This little girl's life is about to change and when it does, we can all sit back and know we did something to make that happen!
And don't forget, if you prefer to send checks instead of donating online you can do so by sending your check to (also made payable to): Friends of Cadence Smith, c/o Greenwood Credit Union, 2669 Post Rd., Warwick, RI, 02886. (EIN is 27-0262742.)

Here's Cady this past Sunday with her friend Peter.

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  1. my big little man has such a HUGE HEART OF GOLD!...he LOVES her!!...we all love her!!xoxo