Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yard/Bake Sales raises $532 and gets us a DJ for the Car Show/Silent Auction

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This past Saturday, Bob and Karen Burns (Kelly's aunt and uncle), hosted a yard/bake sale outside their home. From clothes to housewares, chocolate chip cookies to brownies, Cady's family and friends were very generous when donating items to the event. Cousin Josh Beland rose early Saturday morning, loaded a trailer hitched to his Jeep, drove from Seekonk to Cranston and helped the Burnses set up shop on their front lawn.

Speaking of the front lawn, don't you just love the sign Uncle Bob made (above) that was displayed for all to see? Aunt Karen felt it was inappropriate to use the word "suck" with children around. Uncle Bob's response? "What? We teach our children at Fenway to shout, 'Yankees suck!' don't we?" (Sorry Yankees fans.)

~*~*~*~BREAKING NEWS~*~*~*~

We interrupt this post to make the following announcement: Friends of Cady has just learned that Corey, Cady's father, received word this morning that he passed the 4th and final section of the CPA exam. This means Mr. Smartpants, er...we mean Mr. Smith, passed ALL FOUR SECTIONS ON THE FIRST TRY! Congratulations, CMJS!

~*~*~*~ END~*~*~*~

Many friends and family showed up throughout the day and although there were a lot of, shall we say frugal people who refused to pay more than $1 for a $200 barely-used Abercrombie denim jacket (seen here over Cady's right shoulder - Aunt Karen stood her ground and eventually got the $5 asking price), there were many generous people stopping by as well. Some passersby were buying whole cakes and plates of cookies outright and others were giving more than twice the asking price for some items, just to donate to Cady's Cause. In the end, the event raised $532 for Cady and that doesn't include donations placed inside an upside-down water jug. Kathy, Aunt Karen's sister, was the resident haggler and donation pusher of the event. "Don't see anything you like, you can still make a donation right here," became her catchphrase of the day, along with "It's all for charity!"

We also made a new friend! One man stopped by and bought a baseball glove and a few cookies. As Kelly and her mom Donna got to talking to the man, it turned out nearly everyone there knew him somehow. His name is Tommy Falcone, or, as some know him, DJ Tommy Tunes. He went to school with Kelly's parents, aunts and uncles, Kelly's other aunt went to school with his oldest daughter, Kelly went to school with his other daughter, and one of our Friends, Julie Stein, knew him from Fitzpatrick's in Cranston where he hosts karaoke nights! What a small world!

Anyway, we are very pleased to announce that Tom, who also does weddings, private parties, backyard functions and other special events, has agreed to volunteer his time to DJ the Car Show and Silent Auction event July 11 at Texas Roadhouse in Cranston. We are stoked as we hear he is a great DJ and will no doubt do a fabulous job at the event! In the meantime, you can check Tom out at Fitzpatrick's on Park Avenue in Cranston on Wednesday and Sunday nights, Rosie's on Airport Road in Warwick (formerly Sha-na-na's) on Thursday nights and Meatball Mike's on Friday nights (also in Cranston).

Make sure all of your calendars are marked!!

With Peace and Love,
Friends of Cady

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