Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Buy some great photographs AND help Cady at the same time.

(If this is your first time visiting Cady's Cause, click here to read about why this blog was created.)

Cady has a great friend in Melanie Smith (no relation). A photographer in North Carolina, Melanie came up with a great way to contribute to Cady's Cause. Over the weekend, Mel went around town and snapped a bunch of photos of the landscaping and whatever else caught her eye. She is in the process of uploading them all on to her Web site and will sell prints to anyone who wants them. Then, all proceeds wil go into Cady's account. We want to thank Mel for doing this for Cady and if you happen to live in the area, she will also donate the proceeds from any photo shoot requested in Cady's name. You can check her out at www.rethinkreal.com.

Also, in case you haven't noticed, we have added a donate online button. Help us spread the word by telling everyone you know about this site and Cady's Cause!

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